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Gestione Case Vacanze

Gestione Case Vacanze

Siamo in grado di offrire una vasta gamma di servizi rigurdanti la Gestione delle Case Vacanze, specialmente per quelle persone che non vivono in zona o risiedono all’estero e che non possono occuparsi della loro proprietà proprio perché non presenti.

Servizi Offerti

Restructuring, Renovation and Maiintenance

If you require to renovate or restructure your house or villawe are able to provide assistance using our various local contact. We use only professional and properly registered tradesmen and builders with years of experience in this sector

We can organise and effect various types of work:

– Construction of buildings
– Restructuring and renovation of rustic style properties using appropriate materials
– Installation of plumbing and heating systems
– Installation and/or renewal of electrical wiring
– Internal flooring and external pathways and patio
– Excavation and completion of the construction of roads, pools and gardens

Holiday Home Services

We are able to offer a vast range of services with reference to the looking after of your holiday home in Italy.

We offer two different types service packages with different cost options but can taylor our service to your specific needs.

Base package which includes:

– Payment of utility bills for electricity, gas, water and local authority rates and taxes.
– Contact with the various local authorities and service providers for adminitrative purposes.

All Inclusive package which includes the above services but with the addition of the following:

– Organising cleaning and gardening services
– Organising the purchase and/or repair of electro domestic items in your name together with the installation and servicing of such products
– Periodic control visits to the property
– Organising small repairs and maintenance of a general nature and in emergency 

If you require more information on these services do not hesitate to contact us at  Contattarci.


  • The cost of the various utility bills are not included within our package and must be paid separately by the client
    – Cleaning, gardening, maintenance and repair services would be charged at an hourly rate which can be agreed within the terms of our contract.

If you have need of further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us at Contattarci specifying the type of service that you require.